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5GHz 300Mbps Hi-Power Outdoor Wireless Panel Bridge

$ 240

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Product Overview

WBE-AL5825D is a 300Mbps 2*2 MIMO Hi-Power outdoor wireless TDMA bridge based on 802.11a/n technology. It is industry die-cast IP67 design with high performance, cost-effective and dedicated to long distance wireless  network solutions. Featuring the revolutionary WiD TDMA technology, WBE-AL5825D is fully compatible with  Afenion base station and CPE thus greatly improving the network scalability in throughput and latency. With 25dBi dual-polarized panel antenna, a pair of WBE-AL5825D can easily build 20km+ long range wireless connection and  keep a high speed rate. WBE-AL5825D is best applied to rural wireless Internet, wireless backhaul and other  industrial wireless solutions.
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